Global Positioning System

Global Positioning System

Tracking the fleet in Real Time

Transporting students safely is a top priority for Gulf Pinnacle Transport. GPT’s advanced GPS fleet tracking provides complete insight into all aspects of our fleet operation including expansive set of inspection, diagnostic, student visibility. Our GPS solution helps the schools to increase safety and security, optimize bus routes, ensure inspection compliance, and make data-driven decisions.

Our GPS tracking solution provides real-time insight into your school bus fleet with real-time location reports, student ridership status and driver performance data, using a simple and intuitive interface.

Our Software

GPT’s competitive edge is our web-based software. The software is developed by companies who are specialized in software development and are continually advancing our highly customizable and user-friendly platform based on the operational requirements. Every year, we provide and improve upon the most technologically advanced GPS fleet tracking solution in the market.


A real-time GPS fleet tracking solution can provide important benefits for the schools we serve, parents, and GPT. It provides real-time location reports, student ridership status and driver performance data. Security and safety are further improved with alerts when buses aren’t operated safely or when they need maintenance. Discover a more efficient dispatch as well as the detection and prevention of labor fraud, speeding, idling, unauthorized vehicle usage, and more.

The real-time GPS fleet tracking system provides important benefits to parents including notifications of students arriving and leaving, vehicle delay notifications, smart application access, and web portal access. Besides all the features of the parents, GPS tracking will facilitate the school administration to monitor bus routes and bus stops, student check in and out alerts, exception alerts, left out students if any and real time tracking records. GPT gets capacity utilization report, idling report, scheduled & on-time report, odd-hour usage report, delayed start report and maintenance history. This customized solution enhances the schools to manage the fleet operations more effectively.

Here are a few of the most common benefits immediately experienced:

Real-time Student location: If the School Administration or a parent wants to know the exact location of a student on real-time basis; the parents can exactly identify the location of the school bus in which the child travels through Parents App and School Administration can find the exact location of all the vehicles through the web portal. This feature gives accurate and timely information about the location of the child to the parents and school administration.

Reduce Fuel Costs: Reduce fuel costs by dispatching more efficiently based on real-time location, as well as by eliminating wasteful idling, speeding, unauthorized vehicle usage, and by optimizing routes.

Improve Fleet Safety: Drivers are more responsible when they know their activity is being recorded. In case of an emergency, their whereabouts can be determined immediately. Our GPS also provides an optional panic alert capability.

Geo-Fencing Violations: The School buses of GPT are assigned for a specific route and trip. If a bus crosses the prescribed area/zone, the staff of Risk Management Centre will receive a pop up alert on the screen. The driver is then contacted immediately and informed of the violation.

Over-speeding Alerts: All the buses are fitted with Speed Governors. However, if any bus exceeds the speed limit of 80 km/hr, a speed alert pops up at the Risk Management Centre displaying contact details of the Driver. The staff in the Control Room informs the driver and the Operation Team regarding the over speed. If the over speed is due to the technical fault of the Speed Governor, the vehicle is sent to the workshop for rectification.

Panic Alert / Breakdown / Accidents: In case of any emergency situation, the driver or bus attendant will press the panic button installed in the dashboard of our buses, which pops up an alert in the Risk Management Centre of GPT. We have established a standard procedure to be followed during such emergency situations. The Operations staff and the drivers are trained to handle such situations. If there is a delay of more than 15 minutes for a bus to reach its destination, an SMS will be sent to the parents. The provision for sending mass SMS is available in our ERP system.

Delayed Start Alert: The commencement of the route for a day and day end time is captured through GPS tracking facility and are sent as reports to analyze the trip scheduling efficiency. If a trip is delayed by more than 10 minutes than the scheduled time, the violation is captured and sends a ‘Delayed Start alerts’ to Risk Management Centre. This ensures high level of accountability and control amongst drivers and bus attendants.

Odd-hour Usage Alerts: When there is a movement of vehicle beyond the working hours, the driving-time violation is communicated as alert. This feature enables GPT to monitor the usage of vehicles closely, ensuring accurate billing and avoiding misuse of vehicles.

Idling Report: Diesel exhaust from idling school buses can accumulate on and around the bus and pose a health risk, particularly to students. When buses idle in the school parking, the exhaust also can pollute the air inside the school building and pose a health risk to children throughout the day. Exposure to diesel exhaust can cause lung damage, respiratory problems, premature death, and lung cancer. While school buses are one of the safest, most effective ways to transport students to and from school, like all diesel vehicles, they emit pollution that is dangerous to breathe. Diesel exhaust contains significant levels of small particles, known as fine particulate matter. Exposure to particulate matter, especially fine particles, is associated with increased frequency of childhood illnesses.

Greener Fleet: Reduce and quantify your carbon footprint by eliminating idling and inefficient or unnecessary driving behaviors.

Extend the Life of Fleet: Schedule, track, and receive alerts for scheduled maintenance. The maintenance module provides timely alerts to ensure we perform preventive maintenance and we avoid engine problems before they become costlier.

Cut Your Fleet Size & Costs: Utilization reports help us to properly allocate the resources effectively, avoid purchasing new vehicles and hiring additional manpower. The additional efficiency GPS tracking enable us to do more with fewer vehicles or drivers.

Bill Your Customers More Accurately: Detailed reports allow us to determine and defend the exact amount of time to invoice a school for additional trips. This helps to streamline billing and eliminate customer disputes.

Improve Response Time: Interactive map with live and real-time updates and bus status helps us to improve the response time for the complaints.

Inspection Compliance: Ensure accurate pre- and post-trip inspection compliance and safety with RFID-based, Electronic Verified Inspection Reports. This eliminates paperwork errors, reduces inefficiencies, and streamlines maintenance processes.

Route Optimization: We have incorporated route planning software into our fleet management systems to optimize route and operational efficiency. As the number of stop increases, the number of possible routes goes up exponentially. Software programs are better at route optimization. The route planning software used by us includes GPS tracking capability and advanced reporting features enabling us to plan optimal route, ensure lesser travel time for the students and lesser distance by the school bus.

Risk Management Centre (RMC): GPT has established RMC to monitor the fleet operation efficiently and ensure high level of safety, using the input from GPS tracking, the electronic attendance and the video surveillance system. The ERP system provides various student management reports like student log report, student absence report, location tracker, capacity utilization report etc. It provides fleet management reports on speeding, idling, geo fencing, path tracking, fusion chart, panic incident reports etc. An addition to this, we have developed various alerts like panic button, geo fencing alert, speeding alert, odd-hour usage alert, late start of trip alert etc.

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