Safety Audit

Safety Audit

Gulf Pinnacle Transport has developed a Safety Audit document primarily designed as a self-assessment tool to learn more about fleet operation and ensure high standard of safety. Because student transportation is complex, it is difficult, even for those involved on a day-to-day basis, to grasp every aspect of the school transportation system. .


The purpose of the Safety Audit at GPT is to help the school administration, students and parents improve school bus safety.


The checklist includes a broad spectrum of criteria for a model student transportation system operation. Because it is international in scope, the checklist cannot reflect variations in Emirate and local safety requirements, laws, and regulations. The staff conducting assessments must be aware of local government / Emirates requirements.  In addition, those conducting assessments will have to determine which items are most applicable to local conditions.

General Guidance

Safety Audit is carried out at the beginning of the year for all the School where the transport system is operated by GPT. Various aspects of transport system like communication between school administration and GPT, infrastructure & facility, student eligibility, routing, driver & bus attendant availability, training, safety culture, security, parents & public outreach, emergency response procedure etc. are audited and the outcome is formally recorded in the safety audit book.

The outcome of the safety audit is recorded formally in the Safety Audit document of GPT. The copy of the safety audit book should always be present in the respective school. In general, the School Transportation Safety Audit document will be reviewed once in every three years. Further the document will be modified as per the requirement of individual schools.

The Safety Audit is organized in the following eight sections:


  1. Transport Administration at School
  2. Budgeting, Accounting and Procurement
  3. Transportation Facility
  4. Eligibility, Routing and Bus Stops
  5. Driver & Bus Attendants Qualification, Selection, Training & Development
  6. Safety Culture
  7. Emergency Planning & Response
  8. Vehicle Repair & Maintenance

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